Decor Ideas To Avoid When Trying To Sell Your House In Omaha

Decor Ideas To Avoid When Trying To Sell Your House In Omaha
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If you’re preparing to sell your house in Council Bluffs or Omaha, you know that you’ll have to clean it up and spruce it up. First impressions can mean the difference between a quick sale for full price or more to no sale at all.  And much of that sprucing up involves working on the décor. But what most sellers forgot is that what appeals to them won’t necessarily appeal to buyers. There is, then, a big difference between decorating to please your own aesthetic sense and decorating for a quick sale for full price. You probably know what you should do with respect to décor, but do you know what you shouldn’t do? Contact Chris at Homes By Chris Harter. Chris and her team can guide you through the process to get your house ready to sell quickly in Council Bluffs for top dollar. Check out these décor ideas to avoid when trying to sell your house in Omaha.

Weird, Kitschy Wallpaper

Bold, weird, kitschy wallpaper has been growing in popularity, especially for small spaces like bathrooms. Many homeowners may like it, but it’s not what you need to sell your house in Omaha. This kind of wallpaper runs the gamut from tropicals to animal prints to geometric patterns to metallics, and “it’s a no-no for someone getting ready to sell.” Instead of or using garish wallpaper to keep up with trends, go for walls that allow buyers to see your house as their home. “When selling,” decorating pros recommend, “You want to highlight your home’s positives, and inspire potential home buyers to use their imagination to envision themselves in your home.”

Excessive Cold, Stark White

Another of the décor ideas to avoid when trying to sell your house in Omaha is excessive stark white. You don’t want your home to seem like a  cold, sterile, uninviting hospital ward. And, yes, we realize that whites and neutral tones have been recommended for a long time, but too much of anything is counterproductive, detracting from the goal of creating warmth and coziness. But if you already have a lot of white walls, you don’t necessarily need to repaint everything. According to decorating pros, you may be able to get by with “adding warm tones and texture with accessories, pillow, throws, and other accent pieces.”

Too much white can also be bad in the kitchen, especially with respect to appliances. A much better choice is stainless steel finishes. For example, “72% of people who remodeled their kitchens in 2017 went with stainless steel.” Stainless is a poor choice only if your design scheme absolutely demands something else.

Too Much Copper and Brass

Another excess to avoid when trying to sell your house in Omaha  is too much copper and brass. Copper, brass, and other warm metals may be in now, but like all fads and trends, that will pass. So when updating kitchen and bathroom fixtures, you would do well to avoid these. Here’s why, according to the experts: “Brass especially can be a love-it-or-hate-it look, and hating it is the last reaction you want a buyer to have in anything in your home. Instead, choose more neutral metals like stainless steel, chrome, or nickel for fixtures, and get your brass on in your accent pieces, lamps, or kitchen accessories.”

Busy, Intricate Tile

Bold-patterned cement tiles are popping up everywhere from Instgrammable restaurants to hip backsplashes to bathroom floors. This is exactly why you should avoid them.” These patterns detract from the inviting, homey feel you want to create, and, besides, they’ll soon be out of date. They will definitely grab a buyer’s attention in listing photos, but not in the way you want. You want buyers to see potential in your house, not to be distracted by faddish patterns and colors.

Too Much and Outdated Furniture

And don’t be guilty of neglecting the furniture when trying to sell your house in Omaha. You need to avoid both too much furniture and outdated, uncomplimentary furniture.

If you’ve lived in your home for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly collected a lot of furniture and other pieces, and your home likely looks cluttered and overstuffed. Removing unnecessary pieces like living-room corner chairs will open up space and make it appear larger and roomier.

Outdated furniture or furniture that doesn’t complement the rest of your decorating scheme can also detract from the aesthetic appeal for buyers. If you’re selling your house, you certainly don’t want to go out and buy all new furniture. You can, however, at much less expense, rent some pieces. This, according to the pros, is what it will do for buyers: “Instead of your eyes going to the sofa that has super bright colors, you’re noticing the house and the views and the room.”

So if you truly do want to sell your house in Omaha, you absolutely must avoid these décor ideas, as well as several others. Consult your local Council Bluffs real estate agent and let her put you in touch with top-notch decorating professionals. Local markets have their own idiosyncrasies, and you have to cater to a specific buying audience. To discover more contact us today. 402-378-9462

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