How Omaha and Omaha Home Sellers Will Benefit From Listing In The Winter

How Omaha and Omaha Home Sellers Will Benefit From Listing In The Winter
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Summer is a popular time to sell your house in Council Bluffs and Omaha, but there is a wide range of benefits from listing you house in the winter. If you are considering selling your home in Council Bluffs or Omaha, you may want to consider this less-popular time of year, even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Here are great reasons listing in the winter is a good idea:


Winter sees the stock of available homes dip in many markets. This means that people who are shopping for a home have fewer options.

However, as a seller, this lower inventory benefits you because you have less competition when selling your home.

This means you may get more interest in your home than if you were selling at the same time as a bunch of other people, and your home could fetch a higher price than when inventory is higher in the summer months.


When selling in the summer, it can be difficult for buyers to envision how your home will perform in the winter.

Things such as indoor temperature control, how easy the drive is to shovel, or whether or not your roof piles up with snow are easy to show off in the winter months. This allows potential buyers to picture how much they’re going to spend on heating and how much hassle the home is to maintain in harsh weather.

Plus, if you have special features such as a fireplace, a heated patio, or a hot tub, those will be more attractive to buyers when it’s cold outside.


Typically, fall is the time for a baby boom. This means that many families throughout Omaha and Omaha grew by at least one person and, as a result, may be feeling a little squeezed in their current homes.

These young families may begin their search in the winter, eager to get out of their smaller home and into something more spacious.


If you’re home-shopping in the winter in Council Bluffs and Omaha, you’re likely serious about buying.

Summer can bring out a lot of curious neighbors and people just casually shopping. This means a lot of traffic and views on your listings, which can make you hopeful that you’ll get a quick sale that may not materialize.

But those who are hunting and attending showings in the winter are more likely to buy and, as a result, give you a better chance of making a quick sale.


Many workers get large year-end bonuses and, for those who are in the mood to find a different home, they may apply that money toward a down payment.

By listing in the winter, you can take advantage of those home shoppers who have money burning a hole in their pockets and capture their attention.


While companies can relocate their workers to Omaha or Council Bluffs at any time of the year, getting your house in front of those who are relocating in the winter can help you make a faster sale for a higher price.

Because the inventory of homes for sale tends to be lower in the winter, those who are relocating may have to temporarily live in an apartment while looking for a home to purchase. If they see your home, like it, and the price is right, you may be more likely to get them to jump on the purchase of your house in Omaha or Council Bluffs so they can get out of that rental and into a permanent home.

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