How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent in Council Bluffs

How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent in Council Bluffs
Homes By Chris Harter: Local Real Estate Agent Council Bluffs and Omaha.

Whether you’re hiring a mechanic, a barber, or a brain surgeon, you want the best you can get, one who will do the job well. And it’s no different when you need a local Council Bluffs real estate agent, whether you are buying or selling a home. Not only do you need a local Omaha or Council Bluffs real estate agent who knows real estate and has plenty of experience, but you also need a professional real estate agent in Council Bluffs, Iowa who will be a good fit. But with all the advertising and marketing hype, it’s no easy task to find the right local Omaha real estate agent. So here’s how to find the right local real estate agent in Council Bluffs.

Different Needs of Sellers and Buyers

These days your agent has to be willing to do a lot more than put up a for-sale sign, get the property on the MLS, and wait for a sale to happen. And to further complicate matters, sellers and buyers have different needs when it comes to the right real estate agent in Council Bluffs. In today’s world of selling and buying  your real estate agent in Council Bluffs has to be on top of technology to efficiently market your house and for that matter to find you the house of your dreams


Home sellers need an agent who is aggressive and proactive and who is tech savvy. Most home searches begin online now, so your Council Bluffs real estate agent (if you’re a seller) must be able to craft a compelling online listing, as well as being able to successfully leverage all aspects of social media. A real estate agent that simply has a facebook page is not utilizing social media and technology to its capacity. According to real estate broker Damian D. Hall, “it’s scary how much Facebook alone knows about its users, but at the same time it’s pure gold for those looking to put a product – or in our case, a listing – in front of the consumers most likely to buy the house.”


For home buyers, one of the key things to look for in searching for the right real estate agent in Council Bluffs is a demonstrable track record of closing deals. The right agent must also be aggressive and non-traditional in hunting up homes for sale, doing things like searching for homes that aren’t on the market yet and directly contacting homeowners who may be interested in selling, having a network of other contacts that they can draw from for other houses going on the market before they hit the MLS.

Start Looking Early

Because your real estate agent in Council Bluffs won’t be just someone who works for you, but your partner and ally, you need to begin looking for an agent in Council Bluffs very early in the process. The right agent, according to real estate pros, “can serve as your guide from start to finish during the home purchase or sale process, so don’t be afraid to start reaching out to potential agents even though you’re still not quite ready to put your house on the market or haven’t figured out which lender is best for you.”

What to Look For

The right real estate agent in Council Bluffs must possess certain credentials, qualities, and areas of expertise, for example:


Your professional real estate agent in Council Bluffs must be licensed in the state where she conducts business, which you can check by going to the real estate commission website for your state. You should also look for an agent with the designation Realtor, which signifies membership in the National Association of Realtors and adherence to a strict ethical code.


The right agent will also have knowledge of and experience in the local market. Such a knowledgeable local real estate agent in Council Bluffs can help you in so many ways. When selling your home deciding on the correct price to drive excitement and multiple offers along with using the current up to date marketing practices to drive that excitement and reach all possible buyers in the market. When looking for your next dream house whether you are upgrading or downsizing you need a local Council Bluffs realtor that is connected to find you that perfect house. Homes By Chris Harter can deliver the results that you expect as a seller or buyer. Give us a call today so we can help you with your real estate needs. 402-378-9462.


The local professional real estate agent in Council Bluffs who is right for you will be willing to communicate often and by your preferred method. Communication is so important there should be a candid conversation regarding expectations, for example, phone, text, email, or in person. You should also discuss best times, do want to know everything thing that is happening or the milestones that move the process along? You need to let the real estate agent know your expectations. They, in turn, need to respect those needs and also provide feedback from there perspective. That is a sign of a good real estate agent in Council Bluffs and the start of a beautiful and long-lasting relationship.


You also should look for a local real estate agent in Council Bluffs who has assembled a broad and strong network of contacts and other professionals. Industry experts advise this because agents who invest time and effort  in building up a network “can bring in prospective buyers when you’re selling in Omaha or Council Bluffs – and get the inside scoop about houses that’ll be coming on the market soon if you’re buying.”


The right agent must be flexible enough to work with you around your schedule, that is, being able and willing to show houses at your convenience. In today’s market, over 90% of the houses that are currently for sale are viewed online first before the potential buyer wants to view them personally. This is a great aspect of using technology. The potential buyer can view many houses and narrow down their search so they do not have to waste hours driving around looking at houses they would not be interested in. As we all know time is the most valuable asset we have.


When you find the right real estate agent in Council Bluffs you will have found a good fit for both of you. You are entering into a business relationship, and, as with any relationship, there must be some compatibility. And finding a local real estate agent in Council Bluffs with the above work ethic and values your chances of having a favorable experience is extremely positive.

How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent in Council Bluffs
Homes By Chris Harter: Your Local Real Estate Agent in Council Bluffs and Omaha.


Finding the right Council Bluffs real estate agent means conducting more than one interview with potential local agents, typically at least three interviews before making a decision. The interview questions and requests could include:

  • A list of the agent’s most recent references
  • Discuss expectations and how the agent would address them
  • How the agent plans to market your home or help you                                                                                                find the perfect home

In addition, you need to pay close attention to how the interviewee responds to your requests and questions. Veteran real estate experts say that “if an agent answers your initial request for information with a prompt, thorough and informative response, there is a good chance that agent will provide that type of service throughout the transaction.

An Easier Way to Find the Right Agent

Finding the right professional local real estate agent in Council Bluffs is necessary, but can also be a time- and labor-intensive task. We can help make the whole process much easier and more productive with our experienced agents.

To discover more about how we can help you find the right real estate agent in Council Bluffs, contact us today! 402-378-9462

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