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Homes By Chris Harter-  Your Council Bluffs and Omaha Real Estate Agent - Call 402-378-9462
Homes By Chris Harter-  Your Council Bluffs and Omaha Real Estate Agent - Call 402-378-9462
Video Transcription

Hi, we met Chris when we decided to sell our old house and buy a new one. We’d been in our old house for quite a long time, and we didn’t know what was out there on the market. I kind of knew the features that I was looking for in a new house, but only a few. And so we didn’t really start with a lot of guidance. Chris was really patient with us and showed us a lot of homes to get a feel for what we were looking for. And she suggested that we come to see this house right here. And the moment that I stepped into the door, I just knew that we were home. And that kind of was a frightening experience because I wanted this house and I was really nervous that we weren’t going to be able to make an offer that was going to be accepted.

So Chris sat us down and helped us write an offer that met our budget and used our terms to maximize the attractiveness to the seller and they accepted our offer. And once that was done, she just kind of took off and took care of everything in the background. And all we had to do was show up at our signing day and sign our papers and move into this beautiful home. And there’s just not a day since we’ve been here, that we haven’t sat back and said, man, I just love this house. Like it has really changed everything for us and Chris helped us make that happen.

Yeah, and after we bought this house, then we wanted to sell our existing home. And gosh, we had probably an eight-page list of things we wanted to do before we put it on the market. And Chris really sat down with us and went through the entire list and really kind of explained to us what items on the list really would add value or not add value. And we were able to really shorten the list down significantly. She saved us a lot of time and expense. And when we finally got done with a few of the small things that we wanted to get done with the house, we were able to put it on the market and amazingly in the first 20 some hours, we had gosh, multiple offers and we sold the home in 22 hours? 22 hours. We sold the home and really I credit Chris for that and all the work she did on her end to get that information out there and honestly make it easier for us. Because otherwise, I’d probably still be working on it right now, trying to get that house ready for the market.

But she really understood what the market was and what it wanted to see out of the homes that were for sale and really got the best value for us and for what kind of the effort we put into it and stuff. So I really couldn’t say thank you enough to Chris for the things that she’s done for us along the way, whether it was buying this house or selling our existing home.

Yeah. The thought for us, when we first started thinking about buying a house just seemed really overwhelming. And now that we are in our new home and look back on it, I just can’t believe how easy Chris made it for us. We would definitely highly recommend Chris to help you buy or sell your home or both. We’ve just had an amazing experience.

And to repeat what you said, I mean, I can’t say it enough. Chris has been tremendous and if you’re looking to sell or buy a new home, then please speak with Chris. She’s amazing, she really looks out for the people that she works for and just is going to get the best value and the best deal for you, whether you’re looking for a new home to move into or your first home to move into or sell your existing home. So she’s been amazing.

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