Top 5 Things That Stop Your House From Selling In Omaha

Top 5 Things That Stop Your House From Selling In Omaha
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You put your house on the market in Omaha or Council Bluffs. . . and nothing happens. So you wait and wait, but still, don’t have a showing or get any offers, and then panic sets in. That’s a scenario that all sellers fear, but it doesn’t have to happen, especially if you are aware of the common causes. So let’s take a look at the top 5 things that stop your house from selling in Omaha. Take advantage of a local Omaha real estate agent to help you through the selling process.

1. The Pricing Is Wrong

Real estate pros maintain that pricing your home to sell is the most important piece of effective marketing and that pricing wrong will stop your house from selling in Omaha.  “Don’t test the market or ask an inflated figure, because if you do, your home will probably sit there as the Days on Market (DOM) continue to tick. Dated listings – homes that have been on the market too long – don’t generally sell for list price.”

The best practice for pricing to sell is strategic pricing. This includes pricing within the range that will return the most results for people searching online listing sites, avoiding “century pricing,” and pricing in line with the prices of comparable homes in your area. (To find out more about pricing to sell, contact your local agent at 402-378-9462.) The goal is to price your home competitively to generate multiple offers that ultimately results in an attractive price.

2. The House Needs More Attention

Another one of the top things that stop your house from selling in Omaha is the simple fact of your house not being the best it can be. According to the experts, you need to take “sounding of the local Council Bluffs real estate agent. If 90 percent of the homes in your market are not selling, then your home needs to outshine the top 10 percent.” Your local Omaha or Council Bluffs real estate agent can help you assess relevant sales data so that you can know what you are competing against and how to get the edge.

In making your house the best it can be, you will need to take care of things such as curb appeal. First impressions mean everything and can either get you a quick sale for a great price or ignoring first impressions will keep your house on the market for weeks or months.  Kitchen and bathroom upgrades, repainting interior walls, and staging are some of the things that will make key first impressions. If, for example, the houses in your Council Bluffs neighborhood selling at or near list price have new carpeting, then you will have to replace your carpeting in order to compete. Again, consult your agent to figure out which improvements and upgrades will yield the best return on investment.

3. Listing Photos Don’t Do Their Job

Because house hunting and home shopping have moved largely online, quality professsional listing photos are more important than ever. More is better when it comes to listing photos, but they also have to be professional quality. It is wise to spend the extra dollars to get the highest quality listing photo possible. Here are some startling statistics one market watcher uncovered:

  • 87% of home buyers searching for houses online indicated that the photos were the most useful feature on the listing sites.
  • Houses with high-quality listing photos sell 32% faster.
  • Houses with only one photo spend, on average, 70 days on the market, but houses with 20 photos spend only 32 days on the market.

The upshot, then, is that if you don’t want to do anything to stop your house from selling in Omaha, you may want to consider hiring a professional photographer.

4. There Are Cosmetic Flaws

Even if you’ve done everything you can to make your house look its best, there still may be cosmetic flaws that stop your house from selling in Omaha. This could be anything from garish paint on the walls to the weirdly colored carpet to outlandish bathroom fixtures. Here’s an example from one of the premier real estate sites.

A certain home in Pennsylvania had been listed for some time with no offers, so the owners listed with a new agent. The new agent discovered that the house had a “horrendously colored hunter-green carpet.” So the agent had the owners replace the carpet, and within two weeks they had showings.

5. You Have The Wrong Agent

Perhaps the number-one thing that can stop your house from selling in Omaha is using the wrong agent – one who doesn’t have the necessary experience or the requisite market knowledge. The problem in choosing an agent is that not every agent is right for every property. Each agent has her own area of expertise, and you need one that meets your specific needs. If, for example, your top priority is selling fast, then you need an agent who specializes in high volume and quick turnovers. “There is,” real estate professionals explain, “a world of difference between a local Council Bluffs real estate agent that specializes in selling homes and one that does not. On the other hand, if a big profit is your goal, a local Omaha real estate agent who’s good at the long game – at cultivating deep-pocket buyers and collecting fewer, but better offers – might be a better match.”

Would you like to make sure you don’t stop your house from selling in Omaha by using the wrong agent? If so, you need an agent with the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

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